How long does it take to get my print store up and running?

Once you complete your profile and upload the images of your artwork, we will have the site completed and ready for your review within 72 hours. That means three days from now you could have a customized site built and ready for you to sell your art prints from!

Click HERE to watch the entire setup process!

How do I digitize my artwork?

We suggest using a professional to capture the best quality for your artwork reproduction. Digitizing your artwork is an important part to ensuring the quality of your prints. We have explained the process step by step here to make it easy for you! If you have any additional questions about digitizing please complete the form below and we would be happy to answer any questions.

What is the main difference between the Artisan and Virtuoso membership?

There are two main differences between the memberships: The amount of images allowed and the ability to customize your site. If you want to be able to upload more images, sell your originals and retain 100% of the net profits, or want more control of the experience you give your customers the Virtuoso membership may be a better option for you.

Why is there a monthly fee and what does it cover?

It’s like having a dedicated staff member to manage your print sales for less than a US$1 a day!

We reward independent artists with the majority of profits on all sales. HiveMind Prints charges a small monthly fee to cover our expenses in offering this service to you, and we really appreciate your support.

We guarentee the integrity of your links and the operations of your automated prints store. We ensure that quality assurance is met before we partner with a supplier, and continue to maintain this high standard of quality. 

Why is the membership in USD?

HiveMind is an international company. We use USD for our memberships to maintain consistency for our creators.

All print prices are displayed in the local currency of the customer. (i.e. If your customers are buying in Australia, prices will be in AUD)

Can a photographer sell on HiveMind Prints as well?

Yes! This service is made for anyone that desires to sell high quality prints. All you will need is a digitized copy of the photograph/artwork that you wish to sell and we can set up a personalized site for you!

The options for how to apply HiveMind Prints to what you’re already doing are limitless.  

Do I get to pick the price of my artwork?

The system at HiveMind Prints is to automatically set all print prices to the minimum limit that prints can be sold at to ensure the artist makes a good profit on each item. You are welcome to raise the price of your artwork if you desire.

What is Net Profit?

Net Profit is the amount of money left over after everything necessary to produce that order had been paid. In this case, that’s production, shipping & handling, transaction fees, and local taxes.

How is HiveMind different from our competition?

We full automated the sales process of your prints, providing a quick and easy way to earn passive income from your art.

A notification from some platforms means there’s work to do. You have to order the print yourself, go to the store, then the post-office to send it out – all taking away from what you really want to do.

How am I notified of a sale?

We send you a notification of sale immediately as the order is placed via email. There’s no need for action, just continue about your day.

How long until the profit is actually in my hands?

We process funds immediately as they hit our accounts. Before this, there is usually a 5-7 day wait between PayPal or Stripe to HiveMind. 

From the point of sale, our artists have the money in their PayPal by the following week – 7-9 days.

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