We’re Blake and Amanda Innes

At HiveMind Productions

We aim to provide creators and artists 1) ways to increase the profitability of their products and 2)  assistance with the web of commercial logistics. We believe in supporting and nourishing the arts and our goal is to provide creators with the tools they need to focus solely on their creative goals. 


          So, we created HiveMind Prints to do just that. 


HiveMind Prints is a quality, automated print fulfillment service designed to help our artists create extra revenue from their artwork. 


We provide you with a personalised webspace featuring your artwork and a variety of printed products; we facilitate the entire sales fulfillment process from the moment the order is placed to when it lands in the customer’s hands; we provide you a sales site or embedding information so you can easily link customers to your shop; and we deposit the profits from each sale directly into your account, so that you’re left with the freedom to focus on creating.